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Tonia Duncan-Rivers
Friday, November 18, 2016

Have you ever thought about how an action you take might impact your team and make a difference?

I had a conversation recently with someone who commented that her entire team could benefit from a training class offered by the Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE). Although not a manager, she mentioned wanting to address specific issues that were affecting her team. In her words, she wanted to “make things better.”

Well that’s all I needed to hear! I was eager to tell her about the CLE’s Organization Leadership Services and how we might help. She was quite surprised to learn all that we do (and you might be too!)

Did you know that we can design customized workshops to address your team’s specific goals and challenges? Whether it’s tweaking a current class to fit your department’s needs or creating a special session just for your team, we can do it! The best part? We come to you! We also do organization development to address strategic planning, team building, change management, and team effectiveness. We even offer coaching services to help you create goals or work through challenges. Our consultants also use a variety of assessments such as DiSC, Team Dimensions, and Peer & Partner for performance management and Benchmarks 360®. And finally, we do customized retreats! Imagine a fun-filled day of learning away from the office!

So what’s the important lesson here?

There is such a thing as The Power of One. The person who spoke with me after class shared our conversation with her manager, and I actually did a customized session for their team. Had she not stayed after class to talk to me and taken the information back to her manager . . .  well, you get the picture!

So you see, one person can make a difference, and you CAN too. I’m waiting for your call!

For more information about Organization Leadership Services and cost estimates for customized sessions, please contact Tonia Duncan-Rivers at 924-4320 or .