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Bryan Garey
Friday, January 27, 2017

This ain’t your Dad’s HR!    

While no one can predict the future with any reliable degree of certainty, I’d like to boldly state that Human Resources in 10+ years will look very different from today.  Just like “HR” didn’t exist 25 years ago (remember “Personnel?”), the current way HR works will change and, I believe, so will the perception of HR.

And, on the subject of perception, HR ranks among the lowest of the administrative functions, right above audit and just below compliance.  When you see HR in the media… remember Toby from The Office?  Catbert from Dilbert?  Enough said.

So, how will HR look, 10 years out?

  1.  No more transactions!  Ok, transactional work will take place, but this will be done quickly and easily through simple apps.  Any HR work in this area will be in quality control and trouble shooting.
  2.  Welcome Center.  From hire to preboarding to onboarding to early days, HR will steward new employees into the organization, helping to introduce culture and history and facilitate relationship building with other employees and the organization.
  3.  Data hub.  Managers will come to know HR as the place to go for helpful employee and workplace data, from current state information to predictive analytics.
  4.  No longer HR!  Not sure what we will be called, but the time has come to rebrand the function.  Google calls it “People Operations” and while that may not be the new name, look for change…employee success, people affairs, maybe even personnel?  Not!
  5.  Embedded in the organization. The long sought after “seat at the table” will be a given as executives will not think twice about “people operations” as being critically important to organizational success.

Change is happening in HR, not just at UVA, but everywhere.  And, though my predictions may not hit the mark, you can bank on a different, more dynamic function; it will be one that helps drive organization success, not just support it. 

What a great career choice for 2017 and beyond!