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Tonia Duncan-Rivers
Friday, September 22, 2017

Occasionally, I’ll review TED Talks in hopes of finding something interesting or useful. The other day I stumbled across the talk, ‘How to Gain Control of Your Free Time’ by Laura Vanderkam. I was intrigued! I mean, who doesn’t want to gain control of their free time? I was lamenting to a friend last week about how quickly time is passing. Seriously, it’s fall already! Where did summer go?

I was especially interested in this topic because I teach time management. In full disclosure, I have my own time management issues. Remember my blog about procrastination from March 24?

Anyway, I was curious if I would hear something different from what I say in class or better yet, learn a new strategy or two. I always begin my class by saying that we have 24 hours per day, 168 hours per week and that time management is managing our lives; it’s managing the expectations that we place on ourselves and that others place on us.

Well, Laura Vandekam mentions how we have 24 hours per day and 168 hours per week too, only she takes it a step further. She says the numbers are empowering and she breaks it down. I’ll stop here because I don’t want to give too much away.

Take a few minutes to watch How to Gain Control of Your Free Time. I believe you will find that it is well worth 11:54 of your day.