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Larisa Hinton
Friday, December 22, 2017

Building relationships with others is extremely important if you want to focus on being a better leader. You need to understand what makes others tick and how to communicate and influence them effectively. In the CLE, we spend a lot of time talking about different behavior styles in the workplace and the importance of self-awareness and connecting with others.

I read a fascinating article in the Harvard Business Review that discusses cultural differences in leadership styles across the world. In the United States, we tend to view ourselves as democratic but can come across as authoritarian to other societies. The author maps leadership cultures into four quadrants by distinguishing attitudes toward authority and attitudes toward decision making. The four quadrants are: Consensual and Egalitarian, Consensual and Hierarchical, Top-down and Hierarchical, and Top-down and Egalitarian. She plots 19 countries on the graph. We fall into Top-Down and Egalitarian (along with the UK, Canada, and Australia.)

The article is geared towards global business but has great take-aways to apply to our ever increasing diverse workforce. The more we know ourselves and understand our colleagues, the better equipped we are to build rapport and become better leaders.

Read the article for some great insights – my holiday present to you all!