Share What You Do at UVa

Each day our dedicated and talented staff bring the University’s mission to life, providing outstanding support for teaching, research and patient care. We invite all staff to “tell us what you do” by tweeting, posting or emailing a photo/short description of your contributions here at the University of Virginia.

We are pleased to announce My UVa Career, a social media campaign that presents UVa employees at their best in supporting the University’s mission. We are also on Facebook.

Feel free to use any filters you would like on your photos and videos. You can be as creative as you wish in your photos and videos. Please include a short description of what you do.

We know you are more than just your job title, so tell and show us!

Rules for Submission

  1. Abide by Facebook Rules and Terms of Service.
  2. Crude, profane, violent and other inappropriate submissions will not be accepted and will not be used in our project. Submissions that do not adhere to the acceptability guidelines will not be displayed.
  3. Have fun with your submission! We encourage creativity, humor and wit.

Terms and conditions

  1. Submission of any entry acknowledges the right of UVA to use it for exhibition, promotion and publication purposes in any medium.
  2. Submitted photos, text, and videos may also be used in future material created and used by UVA.
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