Organization Leadership Services

What are Organization Leadership Services?

Effective organizations continually seek to improve their effectiveness and enhance their team's skills. Below are some of the services that our consultants provide to address common goals or challenges within teams. Please contact us for a cost estimate based on your needs.

The Center for Leadership Excellence asks that adequate time be allowed for careful planning and preparation of your request. A minimum of two weeks notice is appreciated. For more information, please fill out our contact form

Customized Workshops

Specialized workshops are available to address the specific challenges and goals of your team. Sample workshop themes include StrengthsFinder, personality types, communication, conflict styles, multicultural/diversity fluency, and managing change.

Organization Development

Organization Development enhances your team’s efficiency and effectiveness through events such as organizational structural changes, change management implementation, strategic planning, leadership development, and team building.


Become the best version of yourself…even Olympians hire a coach. Coaches are trusted advisors that provide a sounding board for your strategies, needs, and goals. They help you challenge old beliefs and inspire new ones.


We have a variety of tools and assessments; your consultant will guide you to the best option. This service includes a one-on-one meeting to help you put the feedback into action. Assessments are commonly used for performance management (Peer & Partner) and professional development (Benchmarks 360®).