• Rotunda Sunset

    Accomplish a common goal

    "Leadership is: building relationships so you can work together to accomplish a common goal. It is going above and beyond, encouraging and supporting team members, challenging the norm, and doing what it takes for the success of the team. Your title does not define your ability to lead."

    Krystin Biedler
    Medical Education Program Administrator
    University of Virginia School Of Medicine

  • UVA School of Law

    commitment to the success of others

    "Leadership embodies those characteristics of an individual who is able not by their words alone but by their actions to invite and successfully inspire those around him/her to operate at their optimal level and achieve their highest potential. Leadership involves investment in and commitment to the success of others."

    Barbara A. Ruddy
    Director of Human Resources
    University of Virginia School of Law

  • Alderman Library in Autumn

    Continuous development

    "Leadership demonstrates the art of mobilizing others to endeavor for shared aspirations. In other words, leadership narrows in on the art of leadership rather than simply being a “leader.” This distinction is important. The art of leadership shifts focus from the self to others in a conscious and intentional effort. It requires continued development of self and others."

    Isaiah Behnke
    Director, Student Accounts