About Us

The Center for Leadership Excellence

The Center for Leadership Excellence is designed to support you in your leadership journey.

The University believes all colleagues can and should lead from their positions within the organization. To this end, the Center for Leadership Excellence embraces the concept of shared leadership.

Shared leadership is not based on power that comes from title, position, or authority. Instead, shared leadership views each individual as able to contribute in significant ways to the mission of the institution. Everyone can support the University—and the many initiatives of the Cornerstone Plan—by sharing their knowledge, expertise, and passion for UVA with their colleagues.

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Our Mission

To advance a culture of leadership at the University.

Our Goal

To encourage and enable leadership at all levels through programs tailored for you at every level of your career. We want to empower you to bring your talents and strengths to your work, each day.

The Cornerstone Plan

The Center for Leadership Excellence is a key component in the University’s Cornerstone Plan, and its purpose is to encourage, support, and provide opportunities for ongoing growth and development. The Cornerstone Plan sets forth a bold direction for the University, building on the leadership legacy of Thomas Jefferson.

The development of strengths, skills, and a sense of empowerment are essential components for the success of both the Cornerstone Plan and the University. Each day, our dedicated and talented colleagues bring the University’s mission to life. Working at UVA is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to build a career and make a difference.